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Going au natural...

I often get asked about how easy it is to change your routines and include more natural skincare ingredients. Where do you start? What should you look for?

It can be really confusing, trying to understand labelling, discovering shops that stock genuinely natural products and finding the products that work for you.

Here are some top tips to help you get started.

  1. Don't change everything at once. Choose one area, skincare for example, and start researching natural versions of what you'd like to replace. It can be really tempting to want to throw everything out and start from fresh but it's much easier (and less wasteful!) to use up what you currently have, then replace with the new.

  2. When you know which type of product you'd like to try, do all of the research! Ask for recommendations, read reviews and look for products that will work for your skin type.

  3. The ingredients list is the best place to start. If you can't pronounce it, it has a lot of numbers or letters attached, it's likely synthetic. There are some safe synthetic ingredients but try to steer clear of anything that contains parabens or fragrance as these can be toxic. Ingredients are usually written in latin but you will be able to recognise some of the natural oils hidden in there! I will share another blog post in a few weeks about understanding labels, it's like a science!

  4. While natural products are becoming more mainstream, it's unlikely that you'll be able to pop to your nearest Boots and get everything you need. Independent brands will become your new best friend for skincare, have a look on Instagram or Pinterest for ideas, you'll find some gems on there!

  5. If you're looking for natural or organic make-up, Naturisimo is a brilliant place to start, there are so many fantastic natural brands to try and they have a lot of sample options so that you don't have to spend a fortune on the wrong thing! Some of my favourite brands are RMS Beauty, Ilia Beauty, Lily Lolo and Ere Perez.

  6. Be prepared to spend a little bit more. Whilst there are price points to suit everyone, natural products, and particularly organic products, are slightly more expensive as they contain high quality ingredients produced in smaller quantities.

So, these are my starter tips to transition to a natural skincare or make-up routine, I really hope you find them helpful.

I would say that when I decided to change over all my products, it took around a year until I was happy with everything that I was using and I definitely made some mistakes along the way, trying products that didn't work for my skin, spending too much on products that I didn't love, but it was also so lovely to discover so many brilliant new brands and then eventually create my own!

I'd love to hear about your natural beauty journey, or if you have any questions about finding new products, let me know, I'd love to help!

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