About Eila Natural Skincare

Hello, I'm Allie, the founder of Eila Natural Skincare and I'm so happy to welcome you. 

I am an independent skincare brand, creating simple, plant based, natural skincare for all skin types. 

I began many years ago making rose petal bath soaks for friends and family and as I did more research, became more passionate about using only natural ingredients in all of my skincare products.

I sadly lost my mom in 2015 and it made me re-evaluate what I wanted from my life and how I wanted to live. I needed to spend more time doing things I loved ~ being creative, making time for self care and being inspired by nature. I began making more and more of my own natural skincare products and eventually Eila Natural Skincare was created. 

My products are designed to be kind to your skin, with branding and packaging that is kind to the environment and my dream is to create a supportive community here where we are kind to ourselves and to each other. The brand name and values are inspired by my mom who was my best friend and the kindest person I’ve ever known.

I use organic, cold-pressed ingredients wherever possible and each product is created in small batches to ensure that you receive the freshest products made by hand. My products are only tested on willing friends and family, all of the products are vegan and have been safety assessed and certified for sale in the UK and Europe. 

I use recyclable glass bottles, vegan labels and recycled packaging material. I am currently working on offering a bottle return option to improve our sustainability so watch this space! 

I have been making and using natural skincare for many years now and hope that you enjoy using them as much as I do. 

You can follow us on Instagram and Facebook and if you have any questions at all, please do get in touch! 

Love, Allie x

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